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Keep us in the loop – Idioms by The Free Dictionary

Definition of keep us in the loop in the Idioms Dictionary. keep us in the loop phrase. What does keep us in the loop expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.

Keep (someone) in the loop – Idioms by The Free Dictionary

Definition of keep (someone) in the loop in the Idioms Dictionary. keep (someone ) in the loop phrase. What does keep … We’ve hired a new intern to help you with data entry, so be sure to keep her in the loop about the project. … Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page, or visit the webmaster’s page for free fun content .

Keep Me in the Loop – Talk English

Keep Me in the Loop Idiom explanation. Learn idioms and phrases with explanation, audio, and example sentences at

Keep someone in the loop – Wiktionary

English[edit]. Verb[edit]. keep someone in the loop. (idiomatic) To furnish someone with sufficient relevant information and include them in the decision making process.

Keep us in the loop | WordReference Forums

Hi, everyone. This is a conversation from The Bat by Jo Nesbo. I’ll probably go before the weekend. If nothing concrete comes to light. Otherwise this could become a long, drawnout affair, and we’ve agreed that the embassy should keep us in the loop. What does keep us in the loop mean in this …

In the Loop and Other Phrases Meaning Informed | Authentic …

keep/kept/keeping (me/her/us) posted, He kept us posted about the schedule change. keep/kept/keeping (him/them/me) in the loop, He keeps us in the loop about the schedule change. up to date, He is up to date about the schedule change. heads up touch base. Ping/Ping Me, He gave us a heads up …

What is the meaning of ‘keep me in the loop’? | Phrase Definitions …

“Keep me in the loop” is an idiomatic expression which means ‘to keep (the speaker) updated or informed about something’. e.g. I will leave for a business trip tomorrow. My manager told me to keep him in the loop, if any problems or changes will take place during the trip. Hope this helps! :).

To keep [someone] in the loop – Phrase of the week | Bell English

This week we explain the phrase to keep [someone] in the loop. … me in the loop! Don’t forget to keep Jane in the loop, as she will need to report back to the rest of the team. Meaning … this useful? Why not come and give us an example of this saying on our Facebook page or on Twitter (@bell_english) …

Keep Us in the Loop – Foreign Policy

Over the past week, the United States and its allies have begun to make their case for a limited military strike against the Syrian government. The United States , the United Kingdom, and France have all released documents claiming that the Syrian army conducted a chemical weapons attack on Aug.

In the loop – Idioms4you

6) I’m keeping Linda in the loop. 7) Keep your boss in the loop Remember that micromanagers are often motivated by anxiety. 8) Thanks for letting us know Lacey! We appreciate people keeping us in the loop of changes and updates so we can pass the most accurate information along to everyone. 9) Everybody kept me in …

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